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Old navy slippers?

i%26#039;m lookin for some comfortable new shoes/slippers to wear. i like the men%26#039;s sherpa lined suede slippers from old navy but i also want to be able to wera them outside or at school, etc. will they hold up against the cement ground? are they durable? i went to the store and they DO have rubber gripping on the bottom.


Old navy slippers?
Reply:srry i dont know anything about their slippers but i know macys has good slipper ♥

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Do Dubai duty free shops sell men's casual native slippers?

Slipper preferably made of cloth for its top, although the sole could be rubber or leather. At any rate, the slipper should be comfortable and soft.

Do Dubai duty free shops sell men%26#039;s casual native slippers?

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I' m looking for moccasin slippers without soles. Clifford James have stopped selling them.?

Most moccasins are sold with a thick rubber sole as i wear them as they are intended i.e. as slippers soles are not necessary and anyway they are uncomfortable. I usually get suede ones without soles@ about £9.99 per pair mail order from Clifford James.

I%26#039; m looking for moccasin slippers without soles. Clifford James have stopped selling them.?
Soft soled moccasins can be found at

they have many suede moccasin slippers
Reply:Check out this company, they have been making moccasins for over 30 years.
Reply:Minntetonka makes moccasion that are like slipper. I have a pair and they are very comfortable and warm. They are made for men and women.


My new pair of slippers?

I have just purchased a smart pair of (mens) slippers - they are made of soft black corduroy, rubber soled, traditionally styled (with elastic side gussets), and are very comfy indeed. They seem to go well with the clothes I wear to work - do you think I should wear them at the office? (I%26#039;m male, 40 years old).

My new pair of slippers?
yhhh why not

I take big socks in to the office and wear them, ur slippers sound nice
Reply:If I say yes can I come %26amp; work for you and wear my cosy fleecy dressing gown? It fits nicely and is not at all revealing so I can%26#039;t imagine it would offend anyone.
Reply:NO you should never wear slippers to your job.
Reply:If the office is in your own house - yes. Otherwise, no.
Reply:no as comfy as they are i wouldnt wear them to work,
Reply:It%26#039;s a definite no to wear slippers in a office.
Reply:depends on your empoyers dress code and what job you do

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Does rubber (band or baloon or slipper..etc) have yield point ? When ?

Yes they do have yield points.

But the actual values must be very low compared to plastics.

Just to give you idea, balloon material is easily stretched compared to slippers , so its YP must be lower than slipper.

I do not know the actual values, but you can search and find out for your self.

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Can I shrink my all wool slippers so they fit better?

I have lamma wool slippers. Everything but the soles (rubber) is wool, solid like felt. They%26#039;re like a 1/2 a size to big. They%26#039;re from peru and hard to find. I cant afford to replace them becase they%26#039;re gastly expensive and I love these alot. How, if possible, can I shrink them and know they%26#039;ll be the correct size?


Can I shrink my all wool slippers so they fit better?
my guess sense the sole is rubber it won%26#039;t work and i would check to make sure that they won%26#039;t get ruined in the dryer. You can try but it would suck if the sole melted or something else with the heat of the dryer... I never heard of people shrinking slippers though.. I also think the stitching on the seems are probably so well done that they won%26#039;t be able to shrink..
Reply:i%26#039;m not sure but what ever u do dont%26#039; put them in the dryer cuse wool actaully shrinks more than cotton!

i found out the hard way!

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What is the chemical composition of a normal rubber slipper?

I%26#039;m assuming you mean the sole? It will either be natural rubber (trans-polyisoprene ) or a synthetic rubber (polybutadiene, polyisoprene, silicone rubber, or any number of other common synthetic rubbers). This rubber is mixed in a process called compounding. It will typically be mixed with color pigments, antioxidants (to keep it from breaking down/cracking with time), and plasticizers (to make it as flexible as possible).

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